Help for the 3CRR database page

The database page displays the whole database in tabular format. By default only selected fields are listed. You may change the fields displayed, or produce an ASCII table of the values shown, by clicking on the appropriate links at the top of the page. (Note that the ASCII table reproduces the values on the HTML page exactly. So you should choose your fields first.)

You may click on the headings of most columns for information on what that column contains. This will take you to the correct place in the field information page.

You may click on the name of a 3CRR object (always the first field displayed) for a page listing all the information in the database for that object.

An (r) next to a value in the table indicates that the database includes a reference for that particular entry. If this appears, clicking on the (r) will lead you to the reference, which will normally itself be a hyperlink or links to entries in the ADS abstract database. Similarly, an (n) denotes a note which applies to that particular value. Notes and references which apply to entire columns of the table are normally discussed in the field information page.

At the moment it is not possible to filter the database display by source properties (such as redshift). You can achieve this by producing an ASCII table and feeding it through your favourite text processing tool. If you have a pressing need for this functionality, please let us know using the contact details on the index page.

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