Source page for NGC6251

3CRR name NGC6251
IAU name 1637+826
Redshift 0.024 (r)
178-MHz flux(Jy)11.6
Sp. index 0.72
FR class I (r)
5-GHz core flux(mJy)350 (r)
Old radio position(reference) (r)
`Best' radio map(reference) (r)
RA(B1950)16 37 56.800
DEC(B1950)+82 38 17.40
Optical position(reference) (r)
Type 0
Size(kpc)19 x 102
Luminosity distance(Mpc)100
178-MHz luminosity(W/Hz/sr)12 x 1023
B magnitude(mag)--
V magnitude(mag)--
R magnitude(mag)11.96 (r)
r magnitude(mag)--
Radio RA(J2000)16 32 31.946
Radio DEC(J2000)+82 32 16.36
New IAU name J1632+825

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